Rawge's Collection of Cross Photographs
at TheCrossWeb.com 

I get many emails each month from folks who are building a cross and are looking for information and help. Below are picture of crosses that were made by this site's visitors. If you have built a cross after visiting this site, please send me a picture, I would enjoy showing it here.

 Email Me Here if you would like to share a photo of the cross you built.   


This beautiful cross was made by Chris Amaral for his children's school. He also made a really nice base so it can be moved around the school.
 These three cedar crosses were made by Montie McRae for inside his church in Cameron TX.
 This cross was made by  Ken Hews-Taylor. The cross is 8’4” high and the pieces are 10” wide.  The material is ‘grey ironbark’ (botanical name ‘eucalyptus paniculata’), a native Australian hardwood.  The color you see in the photo is the natural color of the wood.  The material was recycled from old bridge timbers, originally 1 foot square by 12 feet long.  Ken's church is the Ku-ring-gai Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in the suburb of Lindfield in Sydney, Australia.







...If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

Matthew 16:24