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Photos of crosses that I've found in less traditional settings, from road-signs and rocks to tree-limbs and the backs of animals. Once you start looking, there are crosses everywhere! They occur in nature and "accidentally" in all aspects of our culture.  These are available for free use for any Christian Purpose.  Please Email Me Here  if you have any comments or would like to use any of the images.  


manhole_cover_.jpg (81248 bytes) nail cross 2.jpg (388425 bytes) pine.jpg (164162 bytes) shell3.jpg (471581 bytes) vetran_cross.jpg (14892 bytes)
 I have no idea why the crosses were cast into the steel of these sewer manhole covers.  They are all over Sacramento County, California.  These old fence posts were probably cut and installed during the California gold-rush. These old split-rail posts can last 200 years. This one had many layers of nails, from antique "square" nails to recent galvanized nails.  Several species of long-needled pine trees produce these at about Easter time. Sometimes the whole tree-top if full of tiny crosses. This is the plastron (bottom) on a live red-eared slider turtle. It's amazing that I have looked at hundreds of these turtle shells (I'm a wildlife biologist) before noticing this well-formed cross.  The letter "t" has a lot of potential to make crosses, but sometimes it works out just right.
sign2.jpg (34279 bytes) power_pole_cross.jpg (44259 bytes) Powerlines_cross.jpg (133679 bytes) butterfly_crosses.JPG (128509 bytes) shoe_cross.jpg (65156 bytes)
An exit sign with some interesting connotations Most service poles have two reflective markers.  Watch for them. Power lines -If you keep your eyes open, there are crosses scattered  all across the country in the shapes of power poles.  I took about 50 photos of these butterflies for a calendar. When I was sorting the pics,  I noticed that one of them had crosses along the margins of the wing.  As a wildlife biologist, I'm always reading tracks. I found this one on a construction site while I was monitoring for an endangered species of snake. 
power_lines_cross.jpg (28409 bytes) haybarn1.jpg (176047 bytes) haybarn2.jpg (136654 bytes) barn_cross_evening.jpg (339035 bytes) conservatory.jpg (238317 bytes)

High Voltage wires have a lot of geometric patterns. The cross in this one is a little obscure, but it's there.
While surveying an area for barn owls, I found this brace in an old hay-barn . The barn was well over 125 years old.  The same hay-barn also had this cross-shaped brace dangling  from a missing wall.  I visited the same barn a year or so later, just at sunset. I took this picture at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. There were lots of shadows from all of the glass panes.
library.jpg (38926 bytes) tree bark.jpg (355233 bytes) spider_cross.jpg (77524 bytes) street_sign_cross.jpg (74868 bytes) bug.jpg (72791 bytes)
This is a window at the New York City Library in Manhattan. I was taking pictures of the lion's head when I noticed the crosses made by the reflections of the  window panes I've looked at a ton of tree bark before finding this nice cross. If you look long enough, you an usually find one on the species that have cracked bark. This is a small cross on the belly of an Argiope spider. There is a similar species in Europe that is called the "cross-belly spider" Shadows can easily change something ordinary into a cool cross. My daughter spotted this one. I found this Harlequin Bug on a wild radish plant. There is a crude cross on its back. 
Country_club.jpg (305390 bytes) knot_cross.jpg (478447 bytes) rock_cross.jpg (302236 bytes) crane2.jpg (263284 bytes) sky_cross.jpg (205156 bytes)
I was enjoying the evening view at the Silverado resort in Napa California when I noticed the pattern of the sun coming through the tennis court fence An old and weathered fence post shows some interesting cracks. I found this cross in a  rock in the Nevada desert. I recall Psalms 94:22 ... my God is the rock of my refuge. Support struts on a crane and other machinery have many angles and often form crosses. What a great concept for providing strength and support I get to work before daylight and see jet streams every morning. If I look long enough, I can usually find some kind of a cross. 
Cross_rock_4.jpg (143484 bytes) Cross_rock_3.jpg (452820 bytes) cross_in_rock_10.jpg (750747 bytes) Pine_tree_cross_2.jpg (120778 bytes) Christmas_cross.jpg (57007 bytes)
More crosses in rocks and yet another cross in rock. I carried this boulder home. Quartz cross in granite. I found this on a boulder about 12" in diameter. It was also small enough to carry home. This is a twig on a Monterey pine.  This was a Christmas gift from my family. What a perfect wrap and bow!
Mud_cross_3.jpg (76382 bytes) wheel_tracks_cross.jpg (799262 bytes) pavement cracks cross.jpg (357221 bytes) High_voltage_cross.jpg (438058 bytes) Dragonfly2.jpg (33551 bytes)
Cross in cracked wetland mud Wheel tracks on a muddy dirt road The cross was formed when the pavement cracked and weeds started to grow, An Interesting cross where a set of low-voltage lines cross below some high-voltage wires I found this dragonfly sitting on a bulrush shoot at the edge of a small lake. I think dragonflies are among God's most artistic works!
plant2.jpg (115318 bytes) algae1.jpg (235426 bytes) crawfish.jpg (339196 bytes) Old_wood_posts_cross.jpg (573320 bytes) Dragonfly_cross_2.jpg (477692 bytes) Dragonfly_cross_1.jpg (319487 bytes)
I found this in a flower bed outside an office in Fresno, Ca.  I work as a wildlife biologist. I helped drain a lake and these sticks were on the lake bottom.  They were coved with years of algae and moss.  The night the lake was drained, crawfish crawled all over the fresh mud. The one was confused, but it looks like it found its way!  I found this old post at an old home site. The vertical line is an age crack. The horizontal line is where two limbs were sawn through during milling. The post is probably over 150 years old.  I have photographed hundreds of dragonflies, but have not yet found a nice cross in their stained-glass wings. But, I did find this cross while one was displaying. If anyone doesn't believe that God exists, then they've never looked closely at a dragonfly
cattail_cross_dragonfly.jpg (284201 bytes) Frosty_leaves_cross.jpg (418431 bytes) baby_catfish_cross.jpg (357811 bytes) baby_catfish_Cross_2.jpg (413784 bytes) Butterflr_cross_6.jpg (335576 bytes)
I was photographing  a dragonfly and there was a cross formed by cattails in the frame.  During a week of heavy frost, I cheated a little and set this up the evening before.  I rescued some baby bullhead catfish from a drying pond. I took a bunch of pics and 2 of them had crosses formed by their whiskers. This is a second pic of baby catfish and cross. Butterfly with cross in wing pattern. Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA.
sidewalk_cross.jpg (302446 bytes) Tree_stump.jpg (36602 bytes) street-scene.jpg (298042 bytes) skyscraper_cross.jpg (252511 bytes) motorcycle.jpg (339080 bytes)
View from my hotel room, Seattle WA.  Cross formed in gnarled tree stump Street scene in Seattle. Pretty cross formed in window Skyscraper cross - Seattle There are a bunch of crosses on this street scene
westin.jpg (223430 bytes) Road_work_1.jpg (311462 bytes) tree1.jpg (544194 bytes) worshipper_1.jpg (330535 bytes) Cross_twigs.jpg (321084 bytes)
Can you find this tiny cross. I'll give you a hint, it is under the "W" Cross formed in asphalt patching during road construction. Tree branches, Elk Grove  CA Not a cross, but I love this picture. It is tree roots and leaves. I call it "The Worshipper". Location - sidewalk outside the Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA Look closely - I like this one because the cross is not where you might expect. 
Mallards_cross.jpg (399017 bytes) leaves_form_cross.jpg (198448 bytes) vine_cross.jpg (1560795 bytes) Cat_cross.jpg (365184 bytes) Spruce_cross_2.jpg (388718 bytes)
Wakes  formed by pair of mallards swimming on  a lake create a cross. An autumn site with cross formed in leaf stems. Once the image is shown full size, "right click" to use as wallpaper.  Vines growing up a tree trunk form a cross I took a picture of our cat looking at me from up in a tree. Later, I saw that there was a bold little cross hidden in the limbs. I found this spruce twig on one of my projects about 2 weeks before Easter. 
sparrow_thorns.jpg (228083 bytes) coalinga_crosses.jpg (394668 bytes) barbed_wire_cross.jpg (587091 bytes) falcon_cross.JPG (302270 bytes) falcon_cross_2.JPG (242505 bytes)
Sparrow in thorny blackberry bush.  Three crosses just outside Coalinga Ca., on Highway 198. Shadow from a barbed wire fence forms a cross on the fence post I was photographing peregrine falcons in Cabo Mexico. This photo "froze" one in front of cracks in the rocks. One of the falcons flew across the big cross that is on the mountain above the Cabo Arches
butterfly with crosses on wings.jpg (1500375 bytes) old barn with cross.jpg (813273 bytes) road sign cross.jpg (976480 bytes) wings_cross_small.jpg (418753 bytes) rappas resteraunt.jpg (340657 bytes)
Butterfly with crosses on wing pattern Loose boards on an old hay barn form a cross Another great Sacramento street sign with a shadow that looks like a crucifix Gulls wings make a cross (near Hallelujah Junction Wildlife Area) Nautical signs at Rappa's resteraunt, Monterey Bay CA. 
log-1.jpg (163211 bytes) log-2.jpg (771346 bytes)
We had to cut down a tree at work. When I went back to pick up the wood, almost every piece cracked into a cross I cut them into 3" slabs and gave them to friends, to hang on their wall.  This cross was formed by grass blades in a lawn covered with dew A cross in power poles and fog Cross made by bent weeds growing in a field
This piece of mud fell from between the treads on a big truck tire This cross is on the  tread of a tire. It likely produced the little mud cross I had found earlier. I cut a limb off last year and this year cracks had formed a cross.    



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