Let's You and I help a Foster Child ...
Kids are the greatest blessing in the world. You can make a huge difference in a child’s life by helping us reach our goal of funding the placement of one foster child in a permanent adoptive home.  My wife, Rhonda, committed to raise $5,000 before June 1, 2006, to place one child into a forever family.  We donated $500 to start the effort and have since raised over $6,000.  Whatever you can do to continue helping this worthy organization will be greatly appreciated.

Sierra Adoption Services specializes in finding homes for the children considered more difficult to place – those with tragic histories of abuse, neglect and abandonment. The cost to find an adoptive home for these children is high, approximately $20,000 per placement.  SAS receives support from county and state governments for approximately 76% of the costs.  The remaining $5,000 per placement must be raised through community support.

Currently, about 50% of the kids who do not find adoptive homes end up homeless, in prison or dead within two years of reaching age 18 and leaving the foster system.  Through helping us place a child in a loving home, you are offering a child a chance of a bright future and a forever family. 

We hope you, your associates and friends will help them by making a donation. You can make your tax-deductible donation online, by clicking here. At the line that reads "on behalf of", please type "Rawge and Rhonda". SAS will send you a receipt for your donation. 

It will take less than 3 mins with your credit card and any amount will be greatly appreciated. We have had donations from $5 to over $500.  Just think, every penny will help a child to be connected with a loving home. What a fantastic thing!!

Thank you for your consideration.

Rawge and Rhonda

We have already reached over $6,000, but we are still going,