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Photos of traditional crosses that I've found in churches, cemeteries, and other places around the Country. I have photographed crosses from New York to California. 
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This is a portion of  a display of antique crosses and pictures  in our home.  Outside Reno Nevada. It's always a little odd to see your own name on a gravestone. Can't Remember the Location. This is a beautiful cross in marble. I wish I knew how to carve stone. New Orleans, Louisiana  Almost 200 years old!
(My favorite Photo).
Sacramento California. A great look at gold-rush era stone art.  
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Outside Reno Nevada. I visited one winter and found the cemetery was covered in snow.  New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Outside Reno Nevada. This is a huge white cross on a hillside, visible from Reno and I-80. Can't Remember the Location
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Napa, California. Budded cross. Can't Remember the Location Rescue Mission, Del Paso Heights, California. Neon letters on white cross. Interstate-80, outside Vacaville, California North Highlands, California. I attended this tent revival. Great preachin' in the old-time tradition. 
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Bodie, CA. Grave Marker of Rosa May. I bought a book about her at the visitor center.  Near Zamora, California. This is a beautiful little white church, visible from I-5.  Can't Remember the Location. Byzantine cross with rays. La Jolla, CA
A beautiful life-size statue of Jesus carrying the cross
Manhattan Island, New York. Many of these 200+ year old stones are weathering away. 
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St. Paul park, San Francisco. I used telephoto to see cross in a  window on a building behind the statue.  Tijuana, Mexico. This is the first thing I saw in the sky as I walked across the border. It was made from 2x4's nailed together.  Mt. Soledad, CA. Atheists are suing the San Diego to remove this 90+ year old  landmark. I was interviewed by news cameras when I went to photograph it. Shopping for crosses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As people filed past the coffin at my Dad's funeral, someone laid a rosary cross along with the flowers.  


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Bodie, CA
Little wooden cross on un-marked grave. Bodie ghost town in background.
Bridgeport, CA
I stayed at a roadside motel/RV park south of Bridgeport. The owner's father had built this 8' cross up on the mountain years ago.
Harlem, New York. 
A beautiful lighted cross.
La Jolla, CA. This is a cross and bell tower that characterizes many of the early California Catholic churches.  China Town, San  Francisco, California
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Cross on old wooden wall I saw this cross on the tailgate of a truck in Avenal, CA. The airbrush work was done in Mexico by a street artist. Cross made from broken bits of automobile glass Crosses in a jewelry store window hung alongside good luck charms. The shop owner doesn't understand the cross symbol :( New Orleans, Louisiana  
Street Vibrations custom bike show, Reno Nevada, 2006 Cross on back of girl's shirt - JoshuaFest 09, Quincy Ca Church in Cabo San Lucas Crosses hanging from Taxi mirror, Mexico
Cross made from nails in an old fence post        

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