"A Mother's Love"

Special Mother's Day

Song & Music

for your Church Service


My wife Rhonda is a worship team leader. Several years ago, she wrote and produced a song for Mother's day. Our Youth group sang the song during our mother's Day church service. Our congregation enjoyed it so much, we wanted to make it available to other churches that are looking to have special music for that special day. 

The song speaks of all the wonderful things that we receive from our mothers - how they teach us right from wrong and give us inspiration and encouragement. For many of us, our mothers have passed on, but they still live in our hearts everyday.

To give the music an additional impact, a few weeks before the Mother's Day church service, we asked the congregation to submit pictures of themselves with their mothers. We scanned the pictures and played a PowerPoint presentation of the photos while we performed the song. It was very moving!

We have everything avaiable to allow you to either play our music and vocals  to your slide-show, have your group sing along to our music or use the mp3 and chord sheets for your Worship/Praise team to perform the song live. If you're interested, please contact Rhonda below.

  • Full version of the recorded song with our vocals and music - Your group can use this to learn the melody and help memorize the lyrics. Or you can play this full recording along with your own slide-show.
  • Music only version - With this version, your vocal team can sing along with our accompaniment. Please email Rhonda below.
  • Lyrics and chord sheets - This PDF includes enough information for your Worship/Praise team to learn and perform the song. Please let us know if you need any help or more info and if you do use it at your church, I would love to hear about it. Please email Rhonda below.

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 If you have questions about the music or to receive the files, Please email Rhonda Here

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